Blue Custard firmly believe clients reward companies who think outside the box, ignoring common marketing myths and choosing to make their own conclusions instead.

Promotional marketing company, Blue Custard liven up their client’s marketing campaigns by providing a new, creative, and tailored twist to traditional types of marketing. Blue Custard believe that direct connections with real people are the only way for a company’s energy and USP to be felt by consumers.

The customer buying experience is the most crucial element of sales and marketing because it has a direct impact on whether a customer decides to give their services to a brand or to return and buy from them again.  The customer buying experience is how customers perceive the experience of purchasing a product or service from a particular brand.  52% of senior company leaders believe that the customer buying experience is what businesses use to differentiate their brand.

Blue Custard believe that consumers are the most qualified group to assess how good a brand’s customer buying experience is and that it is important to debunk common myths about the successful ways to orchestrate an efficient customer journey.

Myth One – low price results in a happy customer. Even though a low price is an appealing feature, a survey by CEI revels that 86% of customers are willing to pay a higher cost in return for having a better customer buying experience.

Myth Two – No complaints mean satisfied customers. Most customers prefer not to confront a company about their concerns, and instead just switch to a competitor. But they may be telling their friends and family about their negative experience.

Myth Three – Marketing budgets are more important than the customer experience budget. The service and support given to customers are vital for getting repeat business. Investing in an excellent customer service experience will result in customers becoming advocates for a brand.

Myth Four – Positive reviews results in guaranteed business. All companies have a mix of good and bad reviews so it is vital to embrace it and show off how poor service has been compensated.

Blue Custard go a long way to ensure an excellent customer buying experience for their client’s customers.  The firm pride themselves on their face to face interactions that portray a positive energy to customers, generating an outstanding customer buying experience.