Travel is at the core of ​Blue Custard business development programme. They are firm believers that the better-travelled someone is, the more likely they are to have fresh perspectives on business problems. Travelling, even within the UK, allows contractors to interact with an expanded network of individuals and witness their methods of thinking. Blue Custard want to capitalise on this and provide their workforce with a range of travel opportunities to incentivise their personal development. The managing director of Blue Custard recently commented on this issue, stating that:

“People often get stuck in their bubbles, we want to expose our workforce to new challenges and places, and we think once someone is better travelled they are more likely to grow more rapidly as an entrepreneur.”

Moving further to this point, Mr Dearing stated that he is looking to increase the number of travel opportunities he can provide his workforce in 2018. The firm believes that collaboration between sales firms provides contractors with exposure to some of the best in the business. They are looking to utilise their network to offer their upcoming sales representatives opportunities to travel to different cities across the UK.

In a recent release, Mr Dearing discussed some of the key reasons he believes travel is so essential for personal development.

New perspectives

Blue Custard believe their creative outlook on sales and marketing comes from their contractors consistently challenging themselves to new ways of thinking. By attending networking events in other UK cities, Blue Custard are confident that their most promising recruits will pick up new sales tactics, organisational skills and tips on entrepreneurial skills. With travel comes the opportunity to network and the firm believes their plans for the New Year will provide these opportunities to their most successful sales representatives.

A holistic view of business

Following on from the previous point, they argue that interacting with people and new places allows an individual to gather a more comprehensive outlook on how business operates. Everyone runs their business differently, and by travelling and observing these different practices, young professionals can begin to construct the way in which they want to proceed in the business world.

Blue Custard are keen to begin to shape a new generation of young business professionals who have enough experience through travel to grow and develop rapidly within sales.