As the newest sales and marketing firm in Birmingham continues to grow, CEO James Dearing has revealed details of their upcoming training trips around the UK.

Blue Custard have made a huge impact in Birmingham as they embark on their journey as a fresh sales and marketing firm in the city.  Keen to develop a strong network across the country the company will be sending their high achievers on business trips to learn how others are reaching their growth goals within the industry.  James Dearing, he CEO of Blue Custard, has committed teams of 4 to 8 individuals to venture into new markets across the UK.  Dearing has worked hard to maintain the strong relationships within his business network, and the rewards will now be reaped as his staff and contractors will gain an insight into the potential the direct marketing world offers up and coming entrepreneurs.

Each week, over the next six weeks, will see a rotation of new and existing staff visit different affiliate businesses and gather an understanding of how they execute their campaigns.  The trips are designed to inspire new actions around training and leadership.  The firm is also hoping that alternative approaches to customer experience strategies will add value to their services and achieve a higher return for their clients.

The business trips will reach Sheffield, Bath, and Bristol over the course of this month, and the varying cultures will offer various findings that can be fine-tuned to meet the needs of the local community of Birmingham upon their return. Managing Director James Dearing believes spending time in the field in different cities and towns around the UK “gives my contractors a chance to gain worthwhile sales experience and explore new territory.”  The firm’s commitment to developing a strong coercive culture will also be reinforced as recruits and, more experienced workers forge strong relationships on the road.  Gathering an understanding of strengths and weaknesses offers the firm a unique ability to tailor individual development strategies and ensure their contractors are receiving proper and efficient coaching, to help them reach their potential.

As a fresh thinking start-up promotional marketing company, Blue Custard plan to liven up your marketing campaigns by providing a new, creative, and tailored twist to traditional forms of marketing. Differing from other agencies by bringing marketing back to basics. They believe that your company’s energy and unique point of view can only be felt by the consumer through direct connections with a real person. As such, their collective of amazing sales and marketing representatives are on hand to deliver your vision to the public and drive engagement with your audience.