James Dearing, CEO of sales and marketing company Blue Custard, has recently been highlighting the benefits of spending a short period on a Sunday setting goals for the following week.

The young entrepreneur has been sharing the notion of Sunday goal setting with the Blue Custard workforce, declaring it a prime time to create an agenda for the working week as individuals have had a few days off to take a breather, enabling them to address the coming week from a fresh perspective.

The concept of Sunday goal setting has been tried and tested by the CEO himself, who claims he can successfully achieve more of his goals when they have been devised outside of the busy working week. “By implementing this Sunday evening technique, I can start the week with a stronger, clearer sense of direction and I have gained significant benefits from doing this,” claims Mr Dearing.

To get the Blue Custard office on board with this concept, the business owner asked each of his contractors to set goals on a Sunday, focusing on what exactly it is they want to achieve during the pending week. Asking his team to make their plans for the week as detailed as possible and mainly action focused, the CEO called everyone together the following Thursday morning to assess the progress of their goals. “I want to encourage the Blue Custard representatives to feel comfortable and confident in voicing their goals, sharing them with each other, asking for pointers and receiving feedback from their associates,” says the Mr Dearing.

As a passionate business owner and keen mentor, James Dearing intends to provide his workforce with as many self-development strategies, tips and tricks as he can over the coming months.

As a fresh thinking start-up promotional marketing company, Blue Custard liven up their clients’ marketing campaigns by providing a new, creative, and tailored twist on traditional forms of marketing. Differing from other agencies by bringing marketing back to basics, the company believe that the consumer can only feel a brand’s energy and unique point of view through direct connections with a real person. As such, their collective of amazing sales and marketing representatives are on hand to deliver their clients’ visions to the public and drive audience engagement.