Having doubled in size in their first month of business Blue Custard, sales, and marketing’s newest kids on the block, have attracted a great deal of attention from their peers in the industry.

The Birmingham based firm specialises in generating outstanding results for a range of clients thanks to their personalised and energetic approach to marketing campaigns. Managing Director, James Dearing, has recently revealed how the company has experienced epic growth in the last month.

“We are thrilled to report we have doubled in size since opening our doors in July,” James said. “I am very proud and excited about how well received the brand has been, we are getting a lot of interest from many promising young individuals looking to carve a career as a successful entrepreneur within this industry.”

The CEO praises both the company branding and the hard work of his committed administrators, for the positive turnout of interview candidates. “I have the best team in the country recruiting for me, they have done an incredible job of getting the ideal candidates in for interviews,” the business owner revealed. “The quirkiness of Blue Custard’s branding is also helping us attract the right people for the job!”

James believes all business owners hoping to stand out from the crowd should take a chance when it comes to their own unique style, divulging that the colourful and somewhat random concept of the Blue Custard branding has served his business well and gone down exactly as planned. “I want to create a company culture which existing contractors and prospective new recruits are excited about; it’s about getting the best results, but having fun while we do it!”