The internet has altered the way in which people interact with businesses. In a statement made this week, Blue Custard accepted that digital marketing must now be considered one of the staples of a business’ sales stream, but are adamant that traditional face to face methods are just as effective as they were before. The firm wants to change the common misconception that business’ should prioritise digital marketing methods over more traditional means. It believes the emphasis on digital marketing can often lead to a business spending too much on marketing that just does not work and instead, find that the guaranteed ROI it provides to clients offers a much more reliable method of marketing. 

Blue Custard is a strong advocate of providing creative marketing solutions and is proud that its training regime has built a collective of contractors who are leading the way within face to face selling. The firm has this week released some reasons why it believes face to face selling is still the best way of acquiring new customers. 

“It is essential that people place more trust in a face. Trust determines an individuals’ buying patterns,” claims Managing Director James Dearing. He is confident that someone is more likely to commit to a brand if there is a face behind it. A face to face sales interaction allows customers to ask a range of questions that are often not viable online. Consequently, this marketing approach is tailored to what the customer needs and is more likely to bring in a loyal customer who sticks with the brand. The firm does, however, understand the importance of online means but believes that if invested in incorrectly these digital marketing techniques are likely to fail. Blue Custard has a history of sales success and is keen to continue this trend in 2018. 

Moving into 2018, Blue Custard is looking to develop its sales strategy to help its expansion. The firm works closely with contractors to make sure they are ready to maximise their sales in the field. By working on their pitch, tone and organisational skills, the firm is confident it is providing its workforce with the workshops necessary to make sure they are ready to hit the new year running.