As a fresh new startup, sales and marketing firm Blue Custard are keen to address a common misconception that startup businesses lack the ambition needed to grow. The firm’s Managing Director finds this report unsettling and has this week utilised his team workshops to transfer his knowledge on maintaining long-term ambition to the young professionals in his workforce. 

The report by the enterprise research centre titled “Understanding Motivations for Entrepreneurship A Review of Recent Research Evidence”, discusses that startups lack the ambition to grow their businesses. It suggests that business owners within the micro-business category (0-9 employees) have a skewed perception of the difficulties and obstacles that are attributed to growth. It states that many entrepreneurs within this group do not see themselves as running a firm. It also states that some business owners are content with the current size of their business and not keen to take on the responsibility involved with growth (more people and assets). Furthermore, the report concluded that this could indicate that many young entrepreneurs look solely for autonomy and independence and are unwilling to give it up, which they feel might be at risk by taking more employees onboard. 

Blue Custard’s Managing Director, James Dearing continuously aims to act as an example of a business owner who doesn’t adhere to the stereotype found in the report. Mr. Dearing found the report’s claims to be misrepresentative of entrepreneurs within the sales and marketing industry. As a result, this week he made use of the company’s daily workshops to reinforce his point and pass on invaluable knowledge of entrepreneurship and ambition amongst the Blue Custard workforce.  

Blue Custard are dedicated when it comes to the personal growth and motivation of their young professionals. They do so in a number of ways, first and foremost they encourage the team to entrench themselves in goals by setting SMART targets to outline their objects. They can be broken down into long-term goals, weekly or daily actions to help build momentum.  

Contractors are encouraged to find inspiration in others whether it be a manager, business leader or family members. There are always those that have walked down that path before, and have been confronted with a challenge and came out the other side victorious. Mr. Dearing firmly believes this and approaches his own leadership style with this in mind.  

Finally, the team is encouraged to find “Accountability partners,” having colleagues there to inspire, support and challenge one another is an incredibly useful method of staying motivated. A sense of belonging and knowing you have someone else counting on you is the sense of togetherness you can expect to find at Blue Custard.