Blue Custard is currently leading the way with its business development opportunities, arguing that a good business has two pillars: their products and their people. The firm is adamant one cannot exist without the other and is hopeful that the mentorship it provides its sales representatives benefits both mentors and mentees alike. This week Blue Custard is using its weekly workshop to communicate this message to contractors.

The first half of the workshop will be focused on explaining the importance of mentorship, focusing on three key reasons why it is so essential to business:

1)    Simply put, you are more likely to succeed with a mentor

Research demonstrates mentorship and success are linked. In a 2013 coaching survey, 80 percent of the CEOs interviewed stated that they had a mentor in their life who helped shape their career. Blue Custard take this research very seriously and attempt to provide each young professional in its workforce with a mentor to help them reach success.

2)    Encouragement

“Having someone in your corner always helps” claims Blue Custards Managing Director, James Dearing. The firm argue that professional development is like a sport, in so far as individuals require trainers and motivators to ensure they succeed. The firm hopes its contractors realise the importance of their mentors as motivators and individuals who can provide them with the encouragement needed to succeed.

The Blue Custard team is constantly growing, and the firm contains both those who require mentors and those who are providing mentorship. The business is proud of its progression structure, in which people enter the company as young recruits, grow through mentorship and then become mentors themselves. Blue Custard wants its contractors to understand, however, that development is an ongoing process and progression to mentorship is not the end of their professional training. Their role as mentors is the next stage of their development, through which they will begin to learn how to effectively inspire others, motivate individuals and lead a group of young recruits. At first, young professionals work on the basics with their mentor and then eventually become the mentor themselves.

Blue Custard is confident that its development opportunities has helped shape the next generation of sales professionals. Moving forward, they want to expand its recruitment stream in efforts to develop its impact on the industry.