James Dearing, CEO of Birmingham’s freshest sales and marketing collective, sat down to discuss his quirky branding and why he believes his firm is set to become a force to be reckoned with within the industry. 

What were you doing before Blue Custard?

I worked as a lifeguard for a while after college, but I became restless and wanted to go travelling. So I decided to travel around America, and I spent five months exploring the country, travelling from East to West. It was the best decision I ever made, I had the best time and gained a whole new perspective on life. I came back feeling invigorated and ready to pursue something I was really passionate about.

What was it about the sales and marketing industry that drew you in?

I studied business at college, and I knew that I wanted to utilise the knowledge and expertise I already had, while also making use of my confident nature and ability to talk to people. I really liked the idea of working for myself, so I naturally gravitated towards sales and marketing and quickly discovered I was suited to a role in the field.

But why Blue Custard?!

From the very beginning, I knew I wanted to create a brand which was both fun and a bit different. I absolutely love custard, I can eat bucket-loads of the stuff, and for some reason, I kept visualising a brand which incorporated custard in the name. I went with Blue Custard because it’s unique and memorable, and there’s nothing like it out there!

How do you want Blue Custard to be recognised by others in the industry?

Our aim is to be memorable, with our branding as well as our high standard of personalised and helpful customer service. As the name suggests, we are both a bit wacky and random, but also more than capable of executing effective campaigns and getting results. Hopefully, the brand will draw curious people in, and then from there the results we get for our clients will do the rest! 

What would you say are your long-term goals for Blue Custard?

I want to try and help as many individuals reach their goals as I possibly can. I want to help people improve their skills and understanding of the industry – improving in whatever area they want to work on. I am also working towards opening ten new offices over the course of the next year.

What are your short-terms goals?

Having started the company with 11 people, I want to expand and grow to a workforce of around 30 or 40 ambitious, driven entrepreneurs, as quickly as possible. Having a fresh, innovative workforce of contractors will help us gain momentum and make a name for ourselves.

Who has been your biggest influence or source of inspiration?

Definitely my Dad, who is self-employed and has always encouraged me to pursue the self-employment route. He is a prime example of a hard working entrepreneur who has worked hard to get to where he is now. I strive to achieve the level of success that he has.

How does Blue Custard differ from other sales and marketing firms?

As a company, we like to approach our work with a bit of fun and creativity, but we are also serious about what we do. As an owner, I am professional but also approachable and light-hearted. We are different from all the others sales companies in Birmingham because we are the only firm working with a prestigious finance company. I am eager to create a work culture that endorses a positive work-life balance – we will be doing a lot of crew nights and activities outside of work, I want everyone to bond and genuinely get on as a unit.