Sales and Marketing expert Blue Custard is a firm believer that sales professionals have to harness their ability to think in the now. The company understands that the sales industry moves fast and believe that the ability to respond quickly is essential to an individual’s expertise in the field. If for example, someone is more preoccupied thinking about the past or what they can do in the future they may not be able to act on the opportunities in front of them.  

Blue Custard prides itself on providing clients with a guaranteed ROI. By training each contractor with the perfect sales technique and organisational skills to make sure they succeed in the field.  

In a recent interview, the Managing Director, James Dearing discussed the importance of thinking in the now, stating: 

“I realised early on in the sales industry, that being able to take advantage of opportunities is the key to success. The key to taking advantage of these opportunities is thinking fast and thinking in the now.” 

To prompt thinking in the now, Blue Custard has begun developing a new workshop to help its collective of sales and marketing professionals work on this essential way of thinking. One of the most critical tactics they will be pushing (which may sound counterintuitive) is to prepare for the field by visualising every possible thing that can go wrong. This should be done before entering the field. In the same way athletes train for those pivotal moments, sales executives should be mentally prepared to think in the now by doing all the thinking before their time in the field. As an example for its workforce, the firm is asking each recruit to visualise a sales rejection in the field and how they intend to respond.               

James Dearing is keen for each of his contractors to try and think of every possible outcome and have a response. By thinking before an encounter, he is confident each contractor will be able to react faster to each problem. This focus on thinking in the now stems from the firm’s fear that its contractors will wait until the new year to make a positive change. The company believes that by preparing now for this workshop, they will be ready for 2018 with a new mindset.