Sales and Marketing specialist Blue Custard is this week reminding each of its contractors the importance of the sales pitch but more importantly, the importance of maintaining positivity when interacting with customers. The firm accepts the common complaint that using a sales pitch to hook consumer attention can sometimes be tiring for those in the field, but argue that the pay off both psychologically and financially of making a sale is more important. Consequently, the firm is asking each of its contractors to focus on painting positivity in a pitch to increase the chances of them making a sale.  

The firm is focusing in on positivity this week as a plethora of research has confirmed that individuals react in a more receptive manner to those who speak in a positive manner. The firm has asked each of its contractors to pair up in their morning meetings and practice their pitch, and then deliver their criticisms of each other’s delivery. The firm is a strong proponent of constructive criticism and believes that co-worker criticism can only be positive for workforces improvement. Blue Custard mainly wants its workforce to be honest on whether co-workers come across positively and how their tone relates to the effectiveness of their pitch. Further to this, the company also wants each pair to recognise the rhythm and speed of the pitch in the hopes that sales representatives will know if they speak too fast or too slow.                     

Blue Custard is also stressing that a positive mindset is the key to success in the industry. While positivity in one’s tone during a pitch is necessary, the firm is keen for contractors to realise that remaining positive in general is suitable for their development as an entrepreneur. Blue Custard wants each of its contractors to come into work with enthusiasm and hopes that by offering fast-track business development opportunities, its workforce will have the incentive to go to work and exceed targets. Essentially, alongside its sales representative roles, Blue Custard also provides its workforce with the opportunity to learn the ins and out of entrepreneurship and eventually start their own business. The company hopes that the prospect of establishing their own business spurs contractors to think positive and plan to succeed in the industry.