With Christmas fast approaching, the sales and marketing firm Blue Custard has released a guide to selling, in hopes to position itself as an industry leader. 

With a year of exponential growth, the firm is confident that it has refined the perfect sales technique, which if utilised in the right context can “seal a deal in seven seconds.” Of course, this may not always be the case, and the firm is keen for sales professionals utilising this advice to consider this advice moving forward. 

Learn the Non-Verbal Sales Techniques 

The firm is keen that when meeting someone face to face, 93% of judgements are based on non-verbal data through appearance and body language. Only 7% comes down to the words spoken. People do judge a book by its cover. 

Choose the First 12 words carefully 

While research suggests that words make up a mere 7% of what people think, the words still matter. Research indicates that beginning with a thank you when meeting a client or customer often starts proceedings on good standings. 

Use Names Immediately 

Another forgotten sales technique Blue Custard has highlighted is that there are no sweeter sounds than that of a person’s own name. When an individual uses a clients’ name in conversation within their first 12 words, Blue Custard believe contractors are sending a message of value to that person, demonstrating they are focused on them.  

Use Proper Body Language 

The firm implores contractors to smile, maintain eye contact and leant toward them when they speak to present themselves as more involved with the conversation. In a professional environment, the firm believes that preparation is everything and each of their workforces need to have the way they hold themselves meticulously planned and prepared before they begin to sell. “Always be ready to make a powerful first impression, it is the bestselling technique,” claims Blue Custard’s managing director, James Dearing. 

With this advice, the firm is looking forward to seeing contractors develop into the perfect salespeople. While wise men/women have often told us not to judge a book by its cover, Blue Custard situate themselves as realists and accept that humans naturally do this in sales situations. Consequently, to seal the deal in seven seconds, Blue Custard hope contractors listen to this advice for better chances in the field. 

Source: https://www.thebalance.com/seal-the-deal-in-seven-seconds-2951796