Creative Promotional Design

Your goals are our goals, each one of our sales and marketing experts will treat your company as if it was their own. All our representatives are trained in every area of what we do in house, in order for your project to be taken care of in the Blue Custard way. We promise to create a unique concept for each campaign.


After we create your promotion concept, we will not end our relationship there. We will continue to get the job done. Whether the campaign requires numerous events up and running for long periods of time or a single large event for a night, we will oversee the entire campaign.

Amazing Representation

Our team is hand selected by our managing director to ensure your campaign will be the absolute best, sticking to the Blue Custard values that you identify with. We pride ourselves on our face to face interaction. Our team will portray that energy to the public, generating an outstanding customer base for your company.


As much as we love Birmingham we know this may only be the starting ground for your company. We LOVE that! Here at Blue Custard we have created a program to fast track the progression of our workforce, meaning we are fully equipped to help grow your market reach into different cities throughout the UK.


Our collective of bright sparks at Blue Custard is trained in house, and everyone receives complete guidance catered to their professional goals and talents. This has helped us to build an unstoppable marketing and sales force!

Data Analysis

We want to make sure your company receives as much profit as possible. What better way to show this than through live, daily, marketing analysis? We will monitor every day, second, and minute of your campaign.